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As an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who works primarily with Leaders, Executives, Entrepreneurs and those ready and open to change their lives, Tina coaches towards transformation. Tina is a Mentor Coach to individuals starting their coaching practice or wanting to grow their coaching business. Tina facilitates coaching and leadership workshops in organizations and is a keynote speaker around coaching and creating personal change. Tina is a graduate of Coach U's Advanced Coaching Program and of McGill University where she studied Psychology and Human Resources Management and holds a Masters in Leadership Program from Royal Roads University.

Certified to deliver small and large group programs:
MBTI, Hogan, Future Search Workshop, Immunity To Change-Harvard Graduate School of Education, Somatic Transformation-Strozzi Institute, Box of Crayons Certified Facilitator, Certified Retreat Leader, Mountain Coaching.



A new challenge to modify behaviours and ultimately lead to a more fulfilled life.

Leadership Development Programs

Customized design and facilitation of team leadership and supervisory leadership programs.


Experienced facilitator to design and facilitate your leadership and coaching programs.

Helping you reach your highest potential through one-on-one coaching for performance and development.

Dynamic speaker for group engagements, keynotes and seminars.


Wise words


Unlock your highest potential.


Supporting you to reach your highest potential through one-on-one coaching for performance and development and the use of assessment tools. If you are new to coaching and are seeking a mentor coach, I can support you in your path.


As an experienced facilitator I create a space where learners are empowered to unlock their highest potential.

Keynote Speaking

If you or your organization requires a dynamic and authentic keynote speaker for your event, contact me.


I can design and facilitate in-house Leadership and Coaching programs.

Custom Designed Retreats

Inquire about my custom designed retreats for your team or for special meetings.

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Please contact me via e-mail or phone if you have questions or would like to know more. I'd be happy to speak with you!
Paradigm Shift Philosophies

Fundamentals for "shift"

These are the basic philosophies I believe are essential before taking on any new shift or change.


Once you become aware that you are living out a story someone else wrote for you, you are ready to begin. You cannot close your eyes to awareness. You basically have two options - ignore or act upon. Only when you see for yourself, can you begin the journey to writing your own story.


Before jumping into action, it is vital that you accept who you are, where you are in your story, and appreciate what got you here. Acceptance of your current story allows you to more freely embrace where you are and creates an openness to enable the creation of your new vision - the story you really want to be living.


Most of you are good at creating plans and intentions so you can begin making the changes you want. Taking time to fully assess what your ultimate story looks like when it is written will support you to better understand what action is required. By addressing your beliefs, habits, patterns, past behaviours, and your immunity to change you will be able to assess more accurately what you really want your story to be.


Most of you are good at starting a plan. What is important in this step is the ability to align the action to the new story. Once you have understood what is required to write your new story, you are now ready to begin taking the steps to start living it.


Having accountability helps you sustain your actions and keeps you on track. What do you require to be accountable for your success? Some people partner with an accountability buddy while others keep journals, or put stars on the fridge door. Accountability allows you to overcome obstacles and stay the course.


For each action you take and succeed, find a way to celebrate this achievement. Celebration is a powerful tribute to you that you are on the right path and that you can achieve your vision.

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